Manuscript type

The journal publishes Regular Articles, Review Articles, Notes and Technical Reports, all of which are subject to peer review. Note that once a manuscript has been submitted, the article type cannot be changed. The initial submission must be withdrawn and resubmitted as a new article type.

Regular Articles

Regular Articles document original and significant results that contribute to the extension of knowledge and promotion of our understanding of iron and steel. Regular Articles must be 10 printed pages or less (including tables, figures and other sections). They must be presented in such a way that qualified workers can replicate the key elements on the basis of the information provided.

Review Articles

Review Articles are extensive surveys on a specific subject in which previously published information is compiled, analyzed, and discussed. Reviews are usually invited by the Editorial Board, but authors may also submit them voluntarily.

Short Articles

Short Articles are a maximum of 5 printed pages (including tables, figures and other sections). Papers that briefly report original research results and technical findings that require rapid publication.
The results of peer review should be provided within approximately 3 weeks.


Notes are a maximum of 5 printed pages (including tables, figures and other sections) and can take various forms. They may describe:

  1. new research and techniques in a condensed form;
  2. opinions or perspectives about topics of interest to readers; or
  3. criticisms or additional proofs and interpretations in connection with articles previously published in the journal.

Technical Reports

Technical Reports are a maximum of 6 printed pages (including tables, figures and other sections). Unpublished papers describing the author's development and progress in manufacturing, equipment, and utilization technologies for steel and other materials, which are of sufficient practical significance.