Aims and Scope

Tetsu-to-Hagané is a fully open access journal dedicated to the publication of research addressing fundamental and technological aspects of iron, steel and related engineering materials. Articles describe the properties, structure, characterization and modelling, processing, fabrication of iron and steel, as well as report on associated environmental issues.

The following aspects of the science and engineering of iron and steel are of particular interest:

  • Fundamentals of High Temperature Processes
  • Ironmaking
  • Steelmaking
  • Casting and Solidification
  • Instrumentation, Control, and System Engineering
  • Chemical and Physical Analysis
  • Forming Processes and Thermomechanical Treatment
  • Welding and Joining
  • Surface Treatment and Corrosion
  • Transformations and Microstructures
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Physical Properties
  • New Materials and Processes
  • Social and Environmental Engineering

Tetsu-to-Hagané also accepts reprinted submissions from ISIJ International.