Author Checklist

Please make sure that the following information has been correctly entered into the Web Submission System.

Step 1: Type, Title, & Abstract

  • Manuscript type :
  • Title :
  • Abstract :
  • Title (English) :

Step 2: File Upload

  • Statement Form, Main Document, Caption List, Figure, Table, etc.

Step 3: Keywords, etc.

  • Research field :
  • Keywords (all keywords described to your manuscript.) :

Step 4: Authors

  • Please enter the information of all authors based on their accounts in this system.

Step 5: Details & Comments

  • Cover letter
  • Authors' names (in Japanese) and memberships
  • Issue type and Title of the special issue
  • Manuscript information : number of words, number of tables, number of figures
  • Advance online publication (in J-STAGE online journal)
  • Color printing of figures and tables
  • Graphical abstract
  • Supporting Information
  • Resubmission
  • Statement of Prior Disclosure (Whether or not you have previously submitted the same content for publication)
  • ISIJ Research Support

Step 6: Review & Submit

  • After reviewing the above input and the PDF for peer review, please submit it for submission.