Change in the Procedure of Advanced Online Publication in the ISIJ Journals: August 2022 (2022/08/01)

The journals of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan, “Tetsu-to-Hagané” and “ISIJ International” have been offering advanced online publication on J-STAGE to those who have requested it. However, due to the difficulty of shortening the duration between receiving the papers and advanced online publication, we have decided to change the procedure of advanced publication as follows for papers accepted on or after August 1, 2022 (including manuscripts that were accepted before that date, but their date of application falls on or after August 1, 2022).
This will significantly shorten the time required for advanced release. Our goal is to publish the application within one week of acceptance, excluding national holidays.

Currently (by July 31):
Accepted manuscripts are typeset, proofread by authors, and published online as PDFs.

After August 1:
Accepted manuscripts will be converted directly into PDF format and made available online.
(However, a cover page with necessary information such as the date of receipt and acceptance will be attached to the manuscript.)

We have created a new template for submission (forms are available on each journal's website. The style is simple so as to make it easy for the authors) for this advanced online publication. Not using the template provided by the journal will not affect your submission, early publication, etc. in any way.

The advanced online publication will not be proofread by the author, but the official publication will be properly typeset and proofread once by the author.
Advanced publication will still be limited to those who wish to receive it.